Louisiana Style Catering Options in Houston

When it comes to catering, the choices in Houston are as diverse as the city itself. From international flavors to regional delights, there’s something for every palate and occasion. But if you’re looking to add a touch of Southern charm and a dash of Cajun spice to your event, look no further than FDL Catering in Houston. Our talented chefs, hailing from the Cajun food capital of the world, are ready to bring the flavors of Louisiana straight to your event.


A Taste of Authenticity

At FDL Catering, we take pride in bringing an authentic taste of Louisiana to the heart of Texas. Our team of chefs, who have their roots in Louisiana, bring with them generations of culinary knowledge and a deep love for Cajun and Creole cuisine. They learned their craft in the kitchens of New Orleans and the bayous of Louisiana, where food is not just a meal but a cultural celebration.


From gumbo to jambalaya, crawfish boils to shrimp étouffée, our chefs masterfully recreate these classic dishes with a dedication to authenticity that you won’t find elsewhere in Houston. The secret, they’ll tell you, is in the roux—the rich, dark base that forms the foundation of many Cajun and Creole dishes. It’s a labor of love that requires patience and skill, and our chefs have perfected it.


Versatility for Every Occasion

One of the many advantages of choosing FDL Catering is our ability to adapt our Louisiana-style cuisine to suit a wide range of events. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering, a corporate luncheon, a wedding reception, or a grand gala, our catering options can be tailored to fit your needs.


For casual events like backyard barbecues or family reunions, we offer a delightful menu of po’boys, fried chicken, and seafood boils. These dishes are perfect for creating a relaxed, down-home atmosphere that encourages mingling and fun.


If you’re envisioning an upscale affair, our chefs can craft a menu that includes gourmet dishes like crawfish bisque, blackened redfish, and shrimp and grits. These elegant creations will impress even the most discerning palates and elevate your event to a whole new level.


The Benefits of Professional Catering

Now, you might be wondering, why choose a professional caterer like FDL Catering when you could attempt to recreate Louisiana-style dishes on your own or order from a local restaurant? The answer is simple: professionalism and peace of mind.


Expertise: Our chefs have spent years honing their skills and perfecting their craft. They know the nuances of Cajun and Creole cuisine, ensuring that every bite is a burst of flavor and authenticity.


Customization: When you work with FDL Catering, you have the opportunity to customize your menu to your specific preferences and dietary restrictions. We work closely with you to create a culinary experience that is uniquely tailored to your event.


Logistics: Catering is not just about the food; it’s also about the logistics. We handle all the details, from menu planning to setup and cleanup, so you can focus on enjoying your event.


Quality: We source the finest ingredients and pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure that every dish we serve is of the highest quality. You can taste the difference in every bite.


Consistency: When you order from a restaurant, you might get different results each time. With FDL Catering, you can expect consistent quality and flavor, every time you choose us for your catering needs.


Professional Presentation: Presentation matters, especially for upscale events. Our team excels in creating visually stunning displays that will impress your guests from the moment they lay eyes on the spread.


Time and Stress Savings: Planning an event is already a complex task. By entrusting the catering to professionals, you save time and reduce stress, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your event.


When it comes to Louisiana-style catering in Houston, FDL Catering is your top choice. Our experienced chefs bring the authentic flavors of Louisiana to your event, whether it’s a casual gathering or an upscale affair. We offer the expertise, customization, and peace of mind that only a professional caterer can provide.


So, whether you’re craving a taste of the bayou or want to impress your guests with gourmet Cajun and Creole cuisine, contact FDL Catering in Houston. Let us transform your event into a culinary celebration that will leave your guests raving about the flavors of Louisiana long after the last bite is savored.


About Catering By FDL

We are a professional catering business that specializes in making food look and taste great. Our chefs are from New Orleans, La, but made Houston the home of Catering by FDL in 2012. Throughout the years, we have serviced clients all over the greater Houston Metropolitan area, including but not limited to Galveston, Baytown, Conroe, and Sugar Land.


We cater for events for gatherings of 10-1,000 guests that are skillfully handled with sensitivity to speakers and presentations, ensuring minimal interruption and maximum dining satisfaction. We even offer appetizers for a more memorable event! These services also can include boxed lunches for faster and delicious options for businesses wanting to provide catered lunches!


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